PrimeCare of Southeastern Ohio - Family Practice

Family Practice

Far from just providing physicals and vaccines, this capable care also treats illnesses and injuries and manages common chronic conditions—head to foot, youngest to oldest, for each member of your household

PrimeCare of Southeastern Ohio - Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Think of internal medicine as adult primary care, staffed with physicians who are well versed in providing spot-on diagnoses and excellent treatments for adult diseases.

PrimeCare of Southeastern Ohio - Womens Health

Womens Health

Caring for Women Through All Phases of Life.

PrimeCare of Southeastern Ohio - Pediatrics


Our smallest people—with their growing bodies and active lives—can be the cause of some of our biggest worries. That's why we combine the all-important regularly scheduled preventive care with comprehensive treatment and knowledge of childhood illnesses, even if they strike at night or on the weekends. We're thrilled to work with you to set your children up for a lifetime of good health habits.

PrimeCare of Southeastern Ohio - Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sprains, strains, fractures or any type of muscle ache falls into the area of Sports Medicine. Whether you are an elite athlete, a high school athlete or a weekend warrior, the key to maintaining your athletic abilities is to listen to your body and seek advice of your Doctor.

PrimeCare of Southeastern Ohio - Ortho Walk-In Clinic

Ortho Walk-In Clinic

PrimeCare SEO believes you shouldn't have to wait to get dedicated, personalized medical care. That's why the practice runs our convenient ortho walk-in clinic.

PrimeCare of Southeastern Ohio - Total Care

Total Care

We offer comprehensive primary care services for the entire family, including preventative care, minor surgery, and acute illness care.