Read some of the most frequently asked questions to our staff and medical professionals.

At this visit, your doctor will address preventative care. They will ensure all your screenings are up to date (colonoscopy, bone density, mammogram, cervical cancer screening, etc). They will order any blood work that is needed. Your medical history and family history will be updated. Your medication list will be verified. This is all about screening and prevention. New acute complaints or addressing management of chronic conditions are not necessarily part of this visit and if needed addressed may result in additional charges/copay.

We offer seasonal flu vaccine. We do not have any additional vaccines here. You would have to go to the health department or pharmacy for others such as COVID vaccine, tetanus, pneumonia, shingles, etc.

This service should be for recommendations of how to address an acute concern. The doctor will determine if it can wait until normal office hours/appointment, if it needs to be addressed immediately, if they should be seen by urgent care or ER, etc. It may also include medication reactions or side effects, or concerns for any new or worsening symptoms. This should not be for medication refills (those need addressed during regular business hours).